I've finally finished my guitar build (can include pics if people want out of curiosity). Originally I was going to add a floyd rose but I changed that idea and kept my original strat bridge. The only problem is, over deciding what type of bridge to have I went ahead and installed a locking nut.
Now the nut is pointless without the string retainer bar (haven't installed that yet) and as a result I use it without the locking plates on which is fine but a bit pointless. What I'm thinking is if I install a retainer bar it will work the same as locking tuners? Or is is useless without there being locking on the bridge?
If it only works with a bridge with fine tuners I can use another neck I have with a standard nut.
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Pics pleaseeeeee

I shall upload a few once I get my DLSR back tomorrow
The string retainer bar does not lock the strings in tune. It's there to hold the strings onto the nut, which reduces buzzing. It's probably a good idea to stick it on if you're not using the locking nut.

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The retainer bar (if I understand what you're calling things) keeps the strings low over the nut so that when you tighten the locking plates the strings don't go sharp. It doesn't have any locking properties of its own, so no, it won't act like locking tuners.

Locking tuners just lock the string into the post, so they're different again from a locking nut; you can still tune/retune with locking tuners fitted just by twiddling the pegs.

Should you choose to employ the locking plates on your locking nut then, as supersac says, yes it'll lock them in place but without a method of fine tuning/retuning without unlocking (which your original Strat bridge will not have) you'll find it a complete PITA to deal with.

Finally, people are always curious and pictures should be compulsory.

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No I understand that, I just mean at the moment if I wanted to use the locking tuners then is the retainer bar essential to keep it all in tune. I was under the impression that I could get the strings in tune, clamp them down with the locking nut and all would be good but that's obviously not the case after trying it!
The strings do sit on the nut fine so I don't think I need the retainer bar unless you think otherwise? It either means I'll just use it as a standard nut or change the neck.
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The downward pressure on the strings caused by the locking pads clamping down on them will always alter the pitch slightly, regardless of whether there's a retainer bar or not. I'd change the neck... or put the floyd in Hope this helps ya out.
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Fair enough. For the time being it plays fine, I just keep the locks off and use it as a standard nut. I might as well get another neck and use this one for another project I may do.
Anyway I promiced pics so here we go, see how they upload.

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