New member, just started playing guitar again pretty excited that I can play most chords now. Names Dan, 23 from Southern California. I dig me some punk rock/ska favorite bands among others NOFX/Bad Religion.. all time favorite is Sublime. Also love a lot of reggae, jazz, blues.. pretty diverse in my musical selection at this age although my foundation is punk which is what I started playing.. and and barely now taking on the task of learning chords and I feel like I have really made a "break-through" of some sort because chords are finally just starting to click.

That being said I have used this website forever for tabs and now that learning chords has actually started to make me feel like a musician I decided to join.

First minor question, I see that a G chord is shown differently in certain songs. Some it is expressed as

e 2
G 2
A 2
E 3

others as

e 3
A 1
E 2

What constitutes this difference? Or does this question have more to it and I have a long way to go? I'm new to chords, but I do know by heart at least G C D A Am F# F#m pretty well.. I don't see an indication of # or m on G when I see this minor difference in them.
I think you've got your Gs messed up. For a start there's only 5 strings!

Typical G chords are these 3:


There's not a huge difference between the first 2, but you can hear the difference w/ the 3rd one. It's still made up of the same 3 notes though, GBD.

Gminor is usually this


and G# and G# minor are these:


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oops rofl

Sorry I asked a guitar related question I see now it says not to do this

sorry on the mistake on the makeshift tab I was winging it.. I know my instrument better than that I swear ha.

That actually clears it up, I just figured out the problem with your help thanks.