Hey guys, I've got a new song for you all to critique and comment on, and I of course will return the favor!

Song: https://soundcloud.com/the-left-turns/dance-of-fire-final-mix
- Hoping this is the final mix

I'm looking for critiques mainly on the mixing and the tones. I think i've got a good balance and clarity with each instrument so far, but it still feels bass heavy to me, sort of claustrophobic as well.
I'm also wondering if the song flows well overall?

I will C4C for sure, guaranteed

Music must be honest to be timeless.
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OK, it's absolutely not my cup of tea (although I do think the eastern influence is cool) so I won't comment on the music, other than it sounding very tight and well performed.

Mix wise it's not bad at all, but feels a little brittle in the midrange. There's no 'heft', it doesn't have that weight you get in good heavy recordings.

Carefully dial some 'mud' frequencies back into the drums (around 400Hz - 1kHz), and widen the guitars out to the left and right. I think the guitars could benefit from being warmed up a little too.
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Thanks for the comment, specific EQing advice is something I find extremely helpful. I did some panning around and a bit of overall EQing. I think this version sounds significantly better
Music must be honest to be timeless.
wow! Thats definitely the kind of riffs i would want to play! I could hear alot of new and old thrash in this for sure, Your tone sounds really good man, The Drums were crazy! Im not one to comment on your EQ settings as i need help as well in that area lol but my 2 cents would be to lower the Treble a little, from my head phones its slightly harsh in some parts. But does no harm to the song, this song is great, catchy tune!

Also thanks for checking out my song "Thrashy riff 2" I definitely hear the overwhelming thump of the guitars at the start, My EQ setting are set from "And Justice for All" for that Metallica type sound
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nice job guy. needs some studio trick to make it REALLY INTENSE, as per facemelt. like crank the master gain or something, make it sound like it's live, and you're in the front row getting your teeth knocked out.
Thanks for the review.

Wow first of all that bass drum sounds incredible, it's got huge low end thump but it cuts through the mix really well too. It's not all clicky like I find my bass drums always are. The guitar tone is great too, clear but also crunchy. As for what you could improve on production-wise, I really don't know, my songs don't sound as good as this, but the folks over at Ultimate Metal forum might have some ideas.

Regarding the song itself you have some awesome riffs and rhythms going on, I love the staccato off-kilter sounding parts like at 4:15, and also the drums that go with them are well-done too - even though the guitars are playing crazy rhythms the drums manage to still sound natural. The riff at 3:10 is sick and the build up part after is great too. The cleaner sections work well as counterpoints to the heavy riffing, and overall this song flows really well, I never lost interest in it.