Hello everyone,
My apologies for not keeping up with this as life has been busy, but I figured I was long overdue in making a brand new promotion help page. The old one had links that didn't work and was very outdated.

Below I've listed a bunch of online resources to help promote your band and to help with all of your band's needs. Hope you find it useful!

Social Media
-Social media sites provide a great way to connect with your fans and for your fans to share your music.
Facebook Page
Myspace *Note: Myspace has completely redesigned their website and may be worth looking into.
Google Plus

Promotion/Audio Hosting
-The best tools for your group.
Reverb Nation *Highly recommended
Our Stage
Pure Volume
Super Nova
Sound Click
Sound Cloud
Tune Hub

EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
-Press kits to send to new opportunities
Our Stage *Free EPK
Sonic Bids
Reverb Nation

Internet Radio
-Submit music to online radio play.
Distortion Radio
Pandora Radio *Links directly to submission info

-Create CD's and release songs to online stores.
CD Baby
Song Cast
Tune Core
Ditto Music
Mondo Tunes

Just as before I will attempt to update this and add/remove links as necessary. I have a few to add yet, but here is my start. I appreciate all of you who helped keep the last one up to date and edit it for me.
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