Hi there, as i am terrible at figuring songs out by ear i thought i could ask for some help here.
So here is the thing, i am going to make an acoustic version of THIS (it's in Swedish) and i really can't figure out the chords, as I'm going to make it a slower acoustic there is no need for the solo tabs or anything so if somebody with a good ear could just figure out the chords it would be great!
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These are all barre chords

F#: 244322
C#7: x46667
D#m: x68876
B: 799877 / x24442

// Sometimes F# seems to be played from fret 4 (possibly 9) without the low root, they might be using a capo on fret 4 for one of the tracks which you can try if you have one, it will also make the song even easier to play because of open chords

This is the song without transitions and small variations.

1. Intro / Verse (riff is 8 measures)
F#, C#7, D#m (2 measures), B (2 measures), F#, C#7

2. Pre chorus: (8 measures)
D#m, B, D#m, C#7, D#m, B, C#7 (then breaks last measure)

3. Chorus/solo thing (same as verse)

4. Break (4 measures hold F#)

5. Verse (same as previous)

6. Chorus (repeat)

7. Break

8. Verse

9. Pre-Chorus

10. Chorus

End (F#)
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