Hey everybody,

I'm new to these forums, but, I'm completely indecisive right now. I've been looking around guitar centers used gear website at heads and cabs for hours and have no clue what I wanna do.

All I know is I wanna upgrade SOMETHING, be it my guitar, head, cab, or preferably head and cab. I have extra stuff to trade in on top of that.

I've been looking at a Bugera 1960 Head, and also a Peavey Windsor head.
For Cabs, I've been looking at Marshall's (M412s, MC412s, and there is a JCM800 for $299!)
As for Guitar, if I upgrade that, I want a Gibson with full features (2 pickups, normal headstock, etc, no melody makers, juniors, and what not).

What I have to trade in?

-Peavey Valveking 100 head, Good condition
-Marshall MG412A cab, decent condition, apart from small whole in grillcloth
-Peavey Vypyr 30 combo, really good condition, apart from missing top handle..
-MXR Doubleshot Distortion Pedal, Great condition, power supply included
-Agile AL-2000 Guitar, White w/ cream binding, Gold hardware, black pickguard+pickup rings, gold knobs, perfect playing condition but has a decent amount of paint chips on the back, slight cracks in finish in some places, etc, basically shows that it is used and has a lot of history.

I put together this chart of what I think I could get at Guitar Center for trade in prices

MG cab - $60
Combo - $60
Pedal - $40
Head - $200
Guitar - $150

Now I have an overactive mind and keep thinking of all the possibilities, so I'm basically gonna post my thoughts about all the gear I'm looking at that I'd want, and I'm just looking for suggestions..

I like the Bugera head more than the windsor, but I feel like my MG cab won't do it justice (on top of that, that head is supposedly 150 watts, and my cab is 100, so I dont even know if its a possibility), But Then, I can trade in for the Windsor head and possibly get a new cab too, but I've heard some less than good things about the head, especially about brightness (which I have alot of, cause my preferred distortion pedal is an MXR Distortion +, which I *always* use.

I'm willing to just sell my stack and trade in that and my guitar and the pedal and just get a much nicer guitar, too, a Gibson for example, and just use that through the peavey combo which I like enough to use.

I'm not going up to GC until probably wednesday to go through with plans, but I'm just stuck. Basically I'm just looking for suggestions.
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also if you eBay or craigslist you'll get far more money than that.

I would sell on CL. You can still price them cheap to move them and still make more money than GC would give you.
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I think you might have overpriced some of your items. GC will give you 60% of the used value. They research what they are going for and then give you 60% of that. You really get screwed. Like others are recommending be patient and sell them/trade them on Craigslist or sell them on eBay (granted other fees will occur here). This will get you the most bang for your buck
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I think you get a discount when you trade in at gc, I'd unload the vyper, mg cab and dirt pedal you could get the JCM cab with minimal investment. You might be able to strait trade for the peavey winsor if you really like it. But ebay and cl are better for getting the maximum amount of money for it. But seriously ditch the mg cab, its terribad.
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Which JCM800?
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By JCM800 I was referring to the cab, haha, if there was a JCM800 head for that low..... I dont even know...

But anyways, yeah, I've thought about some of this stuff a little more and seeing as I'm not in much of a rush I may just list some stuff on craigslist or ebay, although ebay's fees get me pretty pissed off, I just sold a bunch of stuff on there and after shipping costs (which I never price right) and ebay's fees I really made like half of what I was expecting.. On top of that shipping some of this stuff is gonna be pretty hard.

As for the sound I'm going for, I like sort of a classic high gain sound, like a plexi type head with a pedal in front of it for a little boost... I'm a big fan of Randy Rhoads tone and thats why I use the MXR distortion +, but I really don't like the idea of sort of copying someone elses tone, so I do change things up quite a bit.
There is a Laney AOR protube 50 watt head for $299 on their used site. It is a really nice sounding amp, very hotrod marshall.
and get the JCM 800 cab you'd have a killer rig
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