Hey guys, I'm looking for some fairly difficult acoustic songs to learn. I would prefer if there is a vocals part too, because my singer and I would like to perform them live eventually. I would also prefer songs with some fingerstyle/slap guitar elements.

Here's what we're playing now:

Classical Gas
RHCP - Under the bridge
John Mayer - Neon (live acoustic version)
^ Heart of Life
My own version of Supersonic by Oasis
My own acoustic version of Snow by RHCP
Some various ghetto rap songs that I turned into fingerstyle acoustic covers

Luna by Sergio Altamura
Eliza's Eyes by Clive Carroll
Somebody That I Used to Know by Mike Dawes (Gotye cover/arrangement, would be great for singing over)

If you can master those three, you are ready to shred some panties off.