Hey guys, would really like to see someone post a video tutorial on Keith's song 'Song for Dad', the acoustic version that he performed here:

YouTube: /watch?v=anmExwEkkKU

Would appreciate if the video tutorial teaches how to play it exactly like Keith, with original chords and strums and mutes and all... The way he plays is so different, and I love it so much, he seems to be able to add a drum rhythm with just the acoustic, which is what I strive to learn. I've been playing guitar for 2 years now and I'm not too familiar with the chords and all so I couldn't really identify the chords he played. It may be very easy for some of you veterans, I really appreciate it thanks..

P.S I saw some of the tabs and chord sheets online and didn't really liked them because it didn't sound the same. And I'm preparing this song for my dad on his 80th birthday, thanks guys