when I want to read a tab I have an error message after 15 seconds :

"Fatal Error
Fatal error was occured"

I click on Ok then the app goes back to song list.

What can I do, because the app is useless if I can't read tabs !

Android ICS (4.0.3)
Huawei Honor U8860
@ Bigozor: Please try removing all other apps from multitasking bar on your device and check whether "Fatal error was occurred" notice remains. If the problem persists, please contact us http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/about/contact.htm providing more detailed problem description (i.e. does the error occur for all tabs or any specific tabs, etc.?)
It's the same after restarting my phone and with no apps running
- no background app like task killer
- the error occur with all tabs
- no custom ui install
Same here. I get the 'Fatal Error' message whenever I open any tabs even tough there seems to be no other applications running in the background at the time.
Hi there,

i know this thread is kind of old, but I have the same problem. Always when I got some Tab open, this Fatal Error Msg Appears.

Basically your App rocks, but this bug really makes it useless

Is there any progress?

Its on Huawei G510 with Android 4.1.1

best regards,