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Assuming ultimate-guitar is a highschool what thread would belong in what clique?

I'd like to start by saying:

The pit - the jocks
Musician talk - the musicians
Recordings - the nerds
Songwriting and lyrics - the emos
Acoustic and classical guitar - the dorks
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13'ers= kindergarten
Regarding the furry fandom from the man himself:
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Quote by roaraudio
Metal thread - the dorks

FTFY, bitch

And that thread is awful.
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Beginner's Forum: The guys who think playing guitar will get them chicks
Electric Guitar Forum: The guys who long since gave up ever getting laid and instead obsess over instruments and finding the perfect tone.
Bass Guitar Forum: That guy from highschool that was in a band, but was the bassist. You know who I mean.
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Quote by roaraudio

The pit - the jocks

If only. More like the weird ones who smoke behind the bike sheds and snort sherbert.
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