Hey, i know im asking alot here, but im hoping someone will help me out

I live in a small random town in south africa, and cause of the whole dupstep-age, its tough to find musicians..

So now my school is hosting a talent show, and me and the few people who play have entered..
After lots of searching, we managed to find a vocalist, and shes really good. The only problem is she wants to do a song from a rather unknown german band, (being from Austria) And there are no tabs or anything for the song..


The song is called The end will come, and even though im usually against tabs and only work things out by ear, im not that good, and im struggling to get the chord prog.

The auditions are in 3 weeks, and It would be awesome if someone could help point me along, cause im running out of time here..

Many thanks!

I have the intro and the lead, its just the altered chords in the verse
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