considering selling my epi alleykat

it's the version with hardtail/without bigsby

stock picture: http://www.zikinf.com/_gfx/matos/dyn/large/epiphone-alleykat_2.jpg

(google image) close up of the top detail http://www.vintage-guitars.se/2001_Epiphone_AlleyKat_S01044302_front.jpg

UG reviews: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/epiphone/alleykat/index.html

as i said, it's a feeler at the moment, not 100% as to whether i wanna sell but here's some info about it:

there's 3 volume knobs and 1 tone knob on this thing, that took me about (literally) 5 minutes of playing about with them all to find out what they do and what one is for what. confusing!!!!!!!!

but anyway, it sounds gorgeous both acoustically and electronically.

P90/mini humbucker thing in the neck and normal humbucker in the bridge gives a nice variety to the sound.

my guitar was made in Korea in the Saein Plant, on August 2005 and is production Number: 3333.

from what i've read of this Saein Plant it makes some quality instruments and this alleykat did not disappoint, it's gorgeous, action is low as a snake's belly, neck is as straight as an arrow, build quality is fantastic and the hardware seems pretty decent as well.

it has ernie ball regular slinky's (0.10's) on it and it's a great guitar! sounds gorgeous, feels amazing and looks pretty sexy too tbh.

may consider trades.

pics of mine:

yeh... lemme know if you're interested.
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