Hey guys, so I'm looking for a guitar to get a good The Smiths/Stone Roses/The Jam kind of sound with, I'd be playing it through a Marshall JCM800, and am looking at spending between £7-900, I don't mind going used - any suggestions?
I'd take a look at a fender CP Jaguar Special (single coil version), and use leftover money for a nice chorus pedal.
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Closest city? Gigging?

Pickup preferences?

Pedals etc etc
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Id say a tele, its what Johnny Marr used on a lot of the recordings
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If they still have it, jump on this:

This deeply discounted Blue Label Fret King with P90/S/S setup should get you damn near every tone you want from those bands, in a high-quality, highly visible package.

Then get yourself a Red Witch Medusa or Empress.

Edit: As an alternative, check out:

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edit: ^^ yes, that really is a ridiculous bargain and it'll be as appropriate as anything.

More or less any 'standard' guitar (e.g. Les Paul, Strat, Tele, ES-335, etc) will be fine. If you look at what those three bands have used, it covers pretty much every kind of regular style of guitar there is. Just hit up your local stores, see what feels best in your hands. For those sorts of tones, you can't really go wrong. The only thing I'd suggest you specifically look for is some sort of single coil, whether that's a Fender-style single, a Gibson-style P-90 or simply a humbucker with a coil split switch. Even then though, I don't think it's an absolute necessity.

The bigger problem really, is I don't see a JCM800 being terribly appropriate for that sort of tone. A Vox with a low-gain OD pedal is more the vibe.
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Well; Johnny Marr now has his own signature Fender Jaguar:

It is a bit different from the standard Jag, and Mr. Marr seems quite fond of it. I don't know if it is available within your budget, though. Fender is getting a bit insane with prices on their signature instruments.
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