----I started looking around into loop pedals recently as a way to solve a few problems I've had with recording music and it seemed the RC-3 would be the best choice for me, but I wanted to ask about some of its functioning.
----Would I be able to, with the RC-3, record different instruments (bass, guitars, vocals) as loops, export them through the USB port, and reorganize them on the computer, basically as different layers of one track? Unfortunately, I blew the sound and recording capabilities on my laptop when I unknowingly ran a power amp directly into the mic jack, so just using my laptop to record is impossible. It still, as one would assume, recognizes audio files and allows me to edit them. I figured if I was able to use the RC-3 as a recording device, I could use my music software and treat each loop like I would any other recording, but I'm not sure if I'm overestimating the ability of loop pedals.
----Of course, I also plan on using it for the traditional functions, like using it when playing live and such. I'd be open to suggestions of other loop pedals if anyone thinks that they might be a better fit for what I'm looking for, although $300 might be my limit (which I know is not very much for a loop pedal).
----Any help is greatly appreciated!!!