I'm looking to buy a drum machine for practice and maybe making songs. Right now I'm deciding between the Boss dr770 and Alesis SR18

Does anyone have suggestions/experience with either of those??

I think drum machines are great. But since your most likely going to be making music on the computer anyway. Maybe you can look for some things like EZdrummer. If you plan on making your own beats, you really don't require hardware, just software.
I don't plan on using the computer for making music, I want to program the drum machine and then use guitar/bass parts that I've already written
I use various VST drum programs rather than have a specific piece of drum machine hardware. Much more versatile and everyone has computers capable of it these days! My faviourites are EZDrummer and Stylus RMX at the moment!
get toontracks or SS, they're easily the most versatile sound samples on the market right now.
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I don't plan on using a computer for any of this. If I was, then yeah, I'd go for something like toontracks
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It's not quite the same but I've got a DR-880. It's relatively easy to program* and the sounds are quite acceptable. I've no experience with Alesis kit, but I'd imagine they're fairly similar.

Not entirely sure why you're not keen on using a computer - you'd get a more extensible sound set and it's a ****-sight easier to program drum tracks using keyboard & mouse than using a step editor, several irritating ZX-Spectrum style buttons and a revolving wheel.

Still, if you're determined to go for hardware you'd be better off getting something like an MPC500 and loading it with your own sounds than limiting yourself to a non-extensible drum machine sound set. Unless you're planning on doing a lot of processing on the sounds you're going to get bored with the sound sets fairly easily.
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