ok, so, I have been looking at teles and this squier caught my eye. It sounds good to me, it dosnt feel quite as comfortable as i want, but i have an '80's tele neck i would put on it. and the bridge pickup is a little muddy sounding to me. anyone had one or can tell me anything about it?
Would the neck definitely fit?
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

I thought the neck on these was one of the best things about them. But yeah, great guitars.
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Why put a good neck on a plywood guitar?
Wha? The CV 50s are solid pine bodies. Mostly 3-piece, as far as I've seen.

Though, the neck is half the reason why most people buy them, so it does seem odd to replace that.

As far as the pickup goes, the pickups in the CVs are basically Tonerider pickups, and pretty good; if it's muddy, try lowering the pickup a bit.
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CV50 owner here. Compared to my SE CU22 that's fully upgraded, and running through a VoxAC4TV, the Classic Vibe is surprisingly good. Chords sound rich and shimmering and playing is touch sensitive going from clean to crunch from your right hand technique. After aligning the neck into the pocket tight (a TGP member posted a trick about this) I can feel the entire body and neck vibrate while playing chords, something that doesn't happen with my other guitars. The neck feels nice to me, partially flamed on the posterior side running up the middle till the headstock which is fully flamed. I've seen pictures of CV necks which are fully and vibrantly flamed. Very nice wood.

The finish is perfect. Vintage Blond which, in my case, isn't white at all but a nice cream with varying darkness depending on the light. This semi transparent finish is darker on the sides than the face and back of the body, allowing noticeable grain to show through. Matched with a tortoise pickguard, my friends who look at my Tele all say she's beautiful. One friend literally said "God" when he saw her haha.

The Tele feels alive, sounds very resonant unplugged and doesn't really need any upgrades (unlike my SE). All in all, very different beast from my Custom22. Can go from beautiful cleans to singing overdrive and works very well with pedals.

I would buy again.
^ wow, great review.
I was thinking about getting a 50's vibe telecaster, now I will probably get one.
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Happy owner of a CV Tele here. (the white one)
Fantastic guitar for the money, blew some American ones out of the water feeling wise. (mind you the CV was set up professionally in a different shop, the American ones weren't, but still.)
Pickups sound great too, amazing neck pickup IMO. Buy it, you can't go wrong with a Classic Vibe.

However, be careful with these things, they dent and chip pretty easily. I've had it fallen over into a wall a couple of times and while sometimes nothing happened, I had some nasty chips in the body on other occasions. Pine tends to be a very soft wood. If you're looking for an easy true roadworn relic, then I guess you'll love it!
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Why put a good neck on a plywood guitar?

You know better than that
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