Hi, yesterday i recorded a wierd tune. It was meant to be more serious, but i just ended up going crazy with it. Most of the tracks where improvised, and it was meant to sound like a jemsession or something, sort of what Zappa did alot.
Hey man!

I really like how the song starts! The bass line is really cool and all the stuff going on from 0:23-0:53 was really crazy sounding! I like how the song kicks off to a more "jazzy" type feel from 0:54 and on. Also the guitar tone really reminded me of "Bucket Head", could be the style of playing too. I really think that the guitars kind of drown out the drums a tad, it really feels like your just having a tun of fun with the song though . Great solo too man!

C4C? (The main theme of feedback i received was "lack of direction and to many riffs in one song", which I'm starting to really see the more i listen to it. I really like the riffs used in the song and wanted to know which one of the riffs should be the main focus instead of adding a whole bunch in, thanks)

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I like it. From about 2:00 on, it has a bit of a Satriani feel. There's definitely something there.