What should I do if my guitar's neck has the end of a fret coming up, can I just glue it down beings that I lack fretwork know how?
if you have a brass tipped or plastic tipped hammer, give it a few taps to see if it goes back into place.

If it does it again, you can use a tooth/needle pick or something and try to get a little glue under the end.

And make sure you brace the neck with something.

You can also put a small piece of wood on the fret, and put a small drop or 2 of super glue under the fret. Tighten the wood block down with a clapm of some kind, but do not over tighten. Only tighten enough to make the fret level with the others.
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Ok, cool have the now all I need is superglue.
I would also like to know what kind of glue you recommend.