Hey guys, so i have an ibanez Art320BLS that i love the finish on. I really like the bridge and knobs and what i DONT like is the short scale. I was wondering can i simply put a different neck on it? Its stock right now but I was thinking maybe i could find a neck from a higher end ART model? I love the inlays so i would like to keep that style which comes on the art but i have GOT to get a longer neck on this thing, I am a big fan of the ibanez necks with the rosewood frettboards but have no idea how to hunt down a neck that would be fitting. I would imagine it has to exists (Nick Hippa plays drop C as well using the same strings i do) but i see he has a higher end Art than i do. Could i just find out which model he uses and find a replacement neck for his model and slap it on mine?Thoughts?
You would not be able to replace it with a store-bought neck. It is possible to use a different neck, but you would be better off making your own neck which would have to have extra frets to make up for the difference in scale length. It's not an easy job.

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von - yes its a set neck =( Guess thats a moot point then ehh? - Will just keep this as my standard tuning guitar and grab a new backup drop C guitar. Thanks for the input guys!