I have a four string Ibanez Soundgear and I need new strings. I don't know much about strings. So I need help.

I play chords on my bass, not really any actual bassline stuff. So I use a capo and play three note chords above the 12th fret mostly on the A D and G strings. My aim, obscure as it may be, is to create a sound as close to an acoustic guitar as possible. What I need help with is picking the right strings for the job.

If I'm posting this in the wrong place or whatever let me know.

perhaps a thinner gauge will benefit you? i'll look into other ideas though
bare in mind i have pretty much no experience in playing bass as an acoustic guitar. i would suggest playing near the bridge perhaps with a pick, while using the neck pickup. roll off the bass slightly and slightly up the high mids. maybe some very slight reverb?
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I've got the pickup and amp settings down, but it feels like I'm confined to a somewhat flat bass tone. I know this has a lot to do with my strings being really old, but before I get new strings, I want to learn exactly the differences between the variations of strings.
so why don't you get a guitar?

if you want a less "flat" tone I'd suggest getting a set of D'Addario EXL-170s. is there anything in particular you wanted to know about differences between strings?
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Try some piccolo bass strings. They're in teh same octave as a guitar but you keep the string spacing of a bass.
CHeaper than bass strings.

Not sure how much setup you may have to do to get them to work. They're next on my list of things to try...if the 5 string bass i'm looking at tomorrow is good then these are my next buy.

In between is a tenor bass.