Yeah so I signed up for Ultimate Guitar today. I really like this site because it gives alot of usefully info and provides tabs I am assuming this is also a forum place to ask question etc. So my question is what songs should I learn as a guitarists. I like metal, jazz, good stuff like that (hence my user name.) I plan on learning Now Arise by Born Of Osiris. It looks a little challenging for my level, but it also looks like something I can grasp easily. I guess I am a intermediate? So yeah, any other song recommendations on what I should learn?

Also, how on earth do you do a pinch harmonic? This is a technique I found the hardest to do at the moment.
Learn Blues music and trying to play from ear. Try to figure out the motifs or what are called licks and string them together when you practice alone. They form the blueprint, no pun, for your jazz metal.

All your rock heroes learned it. How you think Tony Iommi came up with his cool riffs? Basically from old blues records and put his own personal spin on things.