I sent a personal message to (who I think is) a moderator, named emad, requesting a tab removal. They directed me here. I'm requesting that my tab "Dreaming Schematics" by The Contortionist be removed from the site, please and thank you. I know this may not be the "right" section but I didn't find any other that was relevant. Thanks in advance for any help, sorry if this in the way at all but I couldn't find any other info on this.

Usually we do not remove any tabs from the site unless there's a serious reason for that. Copyright issue for example. So please tell me why you want to delete your tab.
I never asked the band if they'd mind me posting it, and my thoughts on guitar tabs have changed since posting it.

I don't see why users can't remove their own contributions by free will alone. I might be coming off as suspicious or something, and I understand that, so if the tab must remain, then... fair enough! I simply thought I'd be able to delete it at will. T'would have been helpful to know this beforehand. Perhaps there was a warning that I never saw?

Anyway, thanks for responding!