Hi y'all! This is a Kent 1601 combo I bought for $150 from Georgetown Music in Seattle, Washington. It's a bit worse for wear, so I'm gonna fix it on up.
It's sounds pretty nice. Here's a clip of it. Please excuse the poor playing. If any of you guys would care to pay the $1000 requested, it would really help my project. Because then I could buy a used Bassmaster.

So here's the gameplan:
1) Get rid of the two wire power cord, and replace it with a grounded three wire.
2) Figure out what's causing it to be so damned buzzy.
3) Build a new enclosure.
4) Compare the Jensen JCH 12/70 it has in it to a Vintage 30.
5) Put tolex on the new enclosure. Maybe some new grille cloth.
6) Little finishing touches.
7) Continuing buggering with it until I get bored or dead. Or both.

Pictures will be up as soon as I figure out why these JPGs aren't uploading godammit!
First and foremost, I'd replace the cord. Getting the thing grounded will remove a lot of that hum. Second, how old is this thing? I'm assuming fairly old being that it has a two prong cord. Power supply caps are fairly common failures, this can cause hum. Other electrolytic caps will probably be toast too, which can suck tone.
Same thought. It's also got the *duhn duhn duhn* DEATH CAP. It looks to be a Sprague Bumblebee, so it's aftermarket. So that'll come out, and a grounded cord goes in first. My friend who knows more about working on amps is going to assist me with all that.

This is the front of it. The grill cloth looks alright, but it feels like a really cheap Under Armour rip-off fabric.
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And this is the underside of the chassis, and the Made in Italy Jensen.

edit1: For some reason the second two aren't showing here. Maybe I need to resize them... But the GB&C thread has all of the photos showing.

edit2: Figured it out!
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Hey, if you're getting rid of that speaker, I'll take it haha

I think I'll keep it, but I'm gonna try a Celestion Vintage 30, and if I like it more, I'll cut you deal!
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Second, how old is this thing?

From what I've gathered it's early '60s.
Oh man, I took a major break from this site! I just updated my build, the Comicaster, go check it out and give me some beveling advice, which I might ignore and attempt with ignorance intact, so I figured I'd give an update on this one.

I retubed it (the first time I've done this) while the tech at G-Town watched and helped. I'm probably leaving that process to the pros from now on... I put a jack on the speaker, and a nice higher gauge speaker cable out of the chassis. I've used it as a cab for my MIG 50 and Little Devil heads because this amp is a pain in the bitch.

The buzzing is still there, despite adding a ground. I removed the death capacitor, because no duhr, and had a tech twiddle with the tube tremolo unit. When that tremolo knob is low, it sounds absofruitly killer, but when it goes past noon, it thumps the cone.

All in all, it's pretty cool. I've used it for recording some grungy and swampy power chords (best. interval. ever) because the buzz cuts out after a certain input is detected, kind of a reverse noise gate, but it remains a trinket, and the birch ply I bought for it is now in my cabinet. Which I was going to do a play-by-play build of, but forgot to take pictures. It's pretty sweet, even though it's 1/4 inch ply, and it sounds awesome, by the way.

So anyways, definitely check out my guitar build here , and have a great day. I hope that your GAS holds off longer than mine does.