I own a Pod X3 Live, but am wondering which unit would work best running the 4CM. I run a Peavey 6505+ head btw. I have tried the X3 once or twice using it but for some reason it just didn't seem right. perhaps I am doing something wrong here? Any tips or hints as well would be great guys.

I love the X3 as at home I just run it into the FX return of the head for low volume practice and such, but would love to incorporate effects into certain songs and have a great clean channel when needed.

IIRC my experience with the X3 loop was that it was noisy. Based on that I would say the HT-10 would be better. But I liked the amp modeling on the X3.
Get an old Boss ME8. Much more 'analogue' sounding.
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Thanks, will def look into the ME-8. How are the distortion settings on it? I have previously owned the gt-8 and gt-10, but got the X3 just because I was told it had the best for gain simulations. Now, using it along with the 6505+ it may not be the area I'd want it to be best at. I always have heard the effects were best with the GT series, where as the gain was best with the Line 6. Been awhile and I can't really recall what the gt9/10 really sounded like, haha.