Kissed Katie below her left eye
as I stepped to be next in line
to grow old (i.e.
working for eight hours;
wasting gas on traffic jams;
losing track of the music scene;

I’ll cross that line to get
glances of pride and obey
and serve
until I undress myself of all values
in a small cubicle.
A piece was added to the mechanism
and the same amount of smoke
will exit to pollute its lungs.
Breathe it until it steals my scent and
I can’t even smell Katie’s odor
when I see her on my lunch break.
I’ll take lightning naps on her shoulder
and dream about the places
we used to visit when I molded time.

(I’ll miss her hair getting tousled by the cliff’s wind
and the way her voice sounds with waves on the background.
I’ll miss weekdays’ afternoons more than everything
when I gathered with some friends and we’d hang around.).

I’ll stop seeing Saturday’s sunrise
in drunken breath and red eyes
because midnight will become a small victory
when I lay my head on the fun my friends will have for me.
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This is good. It must be someone you still cherish and care for. I know what it's like to have feelings for another person who has moved on. I like the way you include those moments that you are obviously very much in love. Take care and know that it is good to be aware of your feelings for her. Touching... love it.
Yep. Lovely. You've totally nailed the feeling of being young and failing to understand middle age.

And done that beautifully.

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