Budget? - $1500

Preferences? - S-type guitars. Really into guitars without pickguards and mounting rings. Was thinking possibly about an Ibanez.

Pickups? - Passives. Single coils or HSS.

New or Used? - Either or.

Location? - Washington D.C.

Current Gear? - G&L Tribute Legacy, Ibanez RGA72QME, PODHD500
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Hmmm...you're already familiar with G&L, so I won't recommend those.

Try looking at these brands:

US Masters

You might also check out luthiers. Jon Kammerer (Illinois) and Rock Beach (New York) both make guitars that are evolved from the Strat starting around $1000, and I'm sure you could find someone in your area doing likewise.
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Look at an ESP Horizon. It's got a strat-ish body, is very comfortable to play, and comes with killer pickups. Best of all, it's the time of year when the new models are coming out, so you can find them on sale.
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This kinda refers to one of the upper responses, reflecting my opinion as well. Now, as I told you that even I consider myself subjective, you probably wouldn't even read this any further, but this is just the way we all are to some extent, so here is what I think: I'd say that the fact that you are familiar with G&L doesn't mean that you should not go with another G&L, especially if you like it. If that's the fact by any chance, I think you, in fact, should try out some other G&Ls and since you say you've got more to spend on the guitar this time than you obviously had had the time you were buying the Tribute model it means quite a choice of G&L high end models. What else could one actually advise you after you told him that you are looking for a Single-Coil guitar or HSS as your second option. When you say single coils Fender is what we usually think of or at least something that is similar to what Fender makes or should I say something that imitates Fender. And since you mentioned a bridge humbucker as an option I'd still stick with a strat body shape, but not necessarily Fender's Stratocaster. How about G&L Legacy HB, maybe an all black edition which to me really looks great too.

Here is a pretty good review of the guitar that I found useful.

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Carvin was my first thought, so that'll get my vote. They're not as much fun to shop for, but have you thought about upgrading your amp?
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I'm quite fond of the Carvin Bolt series as well. For $1500 you could probably custom order one that's killer!

If you were to try another G&L The Comanche is a great strat type model.

If you want to have enough money left over to spend on a nice amp, I've gotta plug the Korean Lite Ash Stratocaster. I've owned two and each one was nothing short of phenomenal. Ash gives a really nice character, and with a slimbucker in the bridge position their quite versatile.
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