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1. J Church - "Kathi"
2. y lime? - "Hippocripotamus"
3. Brilliant Sins - "Fur is Dead"
4. Punch - "Feminists, Don't Have a Cow"
5. Rudimentary Peni - "Pig In a Blanket"
6. Bikini Kill - "Liar"
7. Propagandhi - "Nailing Descartes To The Wall/ (Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder"
8. Dropdead - "At the Cost of an Animal"
9. The Smiths - "Meat is Murder"

i wanted to procrastinate today and made this crazy little thing, so i'm gonna post it here if yr all cool with that.


2/12 - TheReverend724 gave us Waves of Haze
2/27 - due 07 gave us due's VERY ALT alternative mix
3/5 - neidnarb11890 gave us Tom11890's "Meow Mix"
3/12 - uhh_me? gave us Muh muh muh. Muh?
3/19 - turncoat60% gave us How I Chill (Blunts Not Included)
3/26 - bradulator gave us Springin' in the Rain
4/2 - Joshua1207 gave us Rad Stuff
4/9 - wizards? gave us *Insert something witty that will make you want to listen to this here*
4/16 - spitonastranger gave us Easy listening for hep cats
4/23 - lookpizza gave us A&I Mixtape 4/23: I'm a puddle stomper AND YOU'RE A SPONGE
5/7 - due 07 gave us Untitled Mix
5/14 - uhh_me? gave us Bop-A-Doo
5/21 - turncoat60% gave us Folkin' Around
5/28 - Joshua1207 gave us Have A Nice Day
6/4 - neidnarb11890 gave us killed my parents & hit the road #yolo
6/11 - TheReverend724 gave us 2AM Pool Magic
6/18 - spitonastranger gave us Bear with me
6/25 - uhh_me? gave us Some uhh time?
7/2 - K-Lizzle gave us METAL AS ****
7/9 - █▐▌█▐▌ gave us All Yesterday's Parties
7:16 Bradulator gave us Knitting and Knitting
7/23 - Hereiwas gave us I Was A Teenaged Rebel
7/30 - Hazy Days
8/6 - Joshua1207 gave us Music Music
8/20 - jiminizzle gave us Skipping the Party
9/10 - uhh_me? gave us Tree Transitions
9/24 - TheReverend724 gave us The Night Before/The Morning After
10/1 - wizards? gave us Spite. Spite. Spite. Take Notice, I'm Trying to Spite You
10/11 - punkforlife93 gave us There Is A God
10/18 - Still Folkin' Around with turncoat60%
11/1 - Songs for No One by Joshua1207
11/8 - Transmissions from the Ancient Psychocult by The Wildchild
11/22 - If I Could See Dallas by jiminizzle
11/29 - Shroomin' by korinaflyingv
12/6 - a cobweb gave us Open Field With A Window
12/23 - uhh_me? gave us Wintuh

please sign up

2/18 - AnnihiSlateR
2/25 - Saint78
3/04 - █▐▌█▐▌
3/11 - bradulator
3/18 - turncoat60%
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Go on, I'll sign up. I used to love this in the metal forum before we abandoned it. I've had 3 albums come in the post this morning, but I'll give your mix a listen after them.
I'd not actually heard any before, despite knowing a few of the artists.
My over riding feeling is that it's all a bit preachy, which can be a little off-putting.
Whilst there's been none I've actively disliked, there haven't been any that have inspired me to listen further.
To the mix's credit it's nice and short and doesn't outstay it's welcome.
hey thanks for listening m4(2)!

i actually dislike some of the songs i included so it's understood.
i always thought the ungovernable force was their 'classic' but i never got into them so idk. i agree you should listen to penis envy, i don't even remember ever listening to it but i know it's the crass album for you if there is one.
Quote by Saint78
so how does this mixtape thing work?

just sign up (it's weekly but the last few months have been sporadic at best) and make one on 8tracks.com.
I will sign up I guess.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
i already regret having signed up, i don't have a good theme planned like last time, plus i'm too mainstream to present ppl w/ kewl new stuff. :'-(
Quote by due 07
wow i effed up and put everyone a week too late.

I'd wondered if that was the case haha.

Either that or you were really proud of you mix and decided to give it an extra week.