I have a schecter stiletto custom 5 and while I do like how it feels and it plays pretty well, the sound is ass. I work at a music store and we have an ibanez sr750 and I absolutely love it. It plays great and sounds exactly how I want my bass to sound. so would It be smarter to sell my bass and grab that one, or put new pickups in my schecter? I'm not super interested in just buying another bass right now because I am currently working on getting my guitar rig where I want it. I'm also not very well versed in the world of bass pickups.
I'm in the camp of "Why invest money in making something sound like what it isn't, instead of just getting what you want". I would say that changing pickups is something you should do if you like a bass, but just want to make a small change in the tone for some reason. I would not recommend it for trying to make it sound like a completely different bass.
I know how you feel, I have a Gibson TBird and a MIA Jazz that sound great so I use them live but my most playable bass is a cheap Cort, sadly the Korean machines work better than the American craftsmen. If i could get anything like the sound out of it that I get out of the others I'd go there, the doubt is that you could upgrade the pups and possibly new electronics and still not get the sound you want. I'd like to hear from people who have tried this route both successfully and unsuccessfully.

If the Ibanez really does give you exactly the sound you want, rather than just a better sound then it's a no brainer for you though.
What kind of amp are you playing it through? I've heard a similar Stiletto model played live and that sounded great to me.
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im playing through a mesa titan. but also I mean, its not like the schecter would be going from night to day, the pickups just sound kind of dull. the high end isnt there, the low end is a little muddy so I think putting some better pups in there might get me what I want. but damn that ibanez is sexy.
From personal experience, when I upgraded my Corvette JJ from MEC passive (bleah) to EMG active (18v, no EQ, just VVT) it went up by 200%. I haven't looked back for the past 13 years. But that is just me.
I don't think adding new pickups makes you a better player.

Of course if your in a specific genre, and some pickups could make your recordings nicer or your gigging cooler.

But you can simulate your sounds by using software or pedals. If it were me, I would probably save up for my dream bass, then once I got it, add dream pickups. Of course if you have a decent bass that isn't sub $400, I don't see a problem. Slight price for big upgrade.

Its like putting a $1000 stereo or $2000 rims on your $500 Civic. Putting pickups on a bass that costs less is just kind of pointless to some people.
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