I have a les paul Epiphone and I just want to know if it is normal to have a gap on the high E string of 2mm on the 12th fret . I have tried to adjust the bridge by lowing it as I would like the action a bit lower, but every time I do when I use the high E string low down neck say on the 9th or lower it catches on the very last fret and makes it sound low and dull .

I did adjust my trust rod by getting the neck as straight as it would go with a metal ruler then I gave it some relief , I did test the gap of the strings with the top fret help down and the 12th fret held down and it seemed the gap was ok but I am thinking maybe I should try leaving the neck dead straight and see if it will give me lower action . Any ideas?
if its hitting frets, take it to a tech, they will level your frets.

otherwise a good action is 1.5mm on high E and 2mm on low E. Thats an average height.

set your action there and then start working around solutions.

also, try fretting the 1st, then 2nd then 3rd etc frets to see if any frets stand out or if the buzzing stops. if it does its a fret issue.

another thing could be your nut was cut too deep, so you will get a bit of buzz.
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If i hold down high E string on the 13th fret It seems to buzz it is like the string is almost resting on the frets below it. I think the frets that are low down on the neck might be set a bit to high which is why i have my action slightly higher .
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Check this vid out, a lot of useful info about problem frets and kinda funny too

ok, i can't post a link to it, but youtube "Problem Fret Guitar Repair"
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It sounds to me like you didn't gave the correct angle to the bridge when you set it up. Don't want to sound condescending, but I think the truss rod is causing this. I had a similar a few days ago when setting up a friend's guitar, but it got fixed by adjusting the truss rod accordingly.

Just think about it, if your neck is arching, at some point up the neck, you'll end up hitting higher frets.

I could draw it for you if it doesn't make sense, but I hope it does.