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Can a poll be added to threads already existing threads? That'd be the least redundant way i guess..
I can't edit a poll in to the thread (unless I'm missing something). Till then, everyone pick your top 3 & post them. I'll figure something out.
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I don't feel like i have an authority to judge anyones mixes as i only have a diploma, so far, in audio engineering. And im listening on headphones. These are my two votes.

Orange walls - vocals are eating my ears at 1.36 - the first solo. The rest is pretty tight. Nicest bass control of all mixes.

Odirunn - the bass is to loud through the track, which made it hard to listen to. But the rest is quite crisp sounding, like the guitars, it has that 'expensive' sound.
Welp, here are my thoughts on everyone's mixes. I listened to about half of each persons mix (Intro through first solo) since that gives a solid idea of most of the key elements of the song. There were 3 major reasons why I picked this song:

1. That Bass - That's a fat bass that drives this song. You don't hear a lot of songs like that nowadays since most bass parts have been dumbed down.

2. The Vocals - They're not the best in the world but they're more than good enough for this song and this style. I just wanted to see who could put some shine on them.

3. The Solos - Another thing you don't hear as much nowadays is the rhythm guitar part behind the lead guitar part dropping out during the solos. I wanted to see who could keep the energy of the song up through the solos as well.

These are just quick blurbs, if you want me to expand my thoughts, let me know. If you submitted more than one, I went with the last submitted mix. Also, don't take anything negative as "OMG! YOU SUCK!", they're just my thoughts and everyone thinks differently.

-Guitars sound great, solo could use a little better EQing
-Drums are a little muddy
-The Bass sounds solid

-Vocals are solid though could use maybe a little boost in the chorus
-The Bass rides nicely
-Drums are good but could use a little more excitement
-Guitars are good, the solos are great

-Nice fat bass but watch the levels, it overpowers the mix at times
-Also a nice fat kick but it doesn't mesh well with the snare IMO
-Guitars are great, the solo is kinda lacking
-Great vocals

-Rhythm Guitar Parts are solid
-Your drums are very thin, throw some compression on it
-I don't know what you did with your vocals but they're all over the place. The effects are too much and kill the mix, especially after the first guitar solo.

-Killer bass, meshes well with the kick
-Vocals are kinda meh in spots
-Guitars are good, solo is pretty good

-The Solo is great, just a little high in the mix
-Lay off the reverb, it feels like its in a fishbowl at times

-The bass is fat, just a little too loud
-Drums feel a little hollow
-Solo feels weak

-Solid vocals
-Kick & Bass mesh well
-Nice solo


-Its a great start, there is a lot of potential
-Pick up a solid pair of studio monitors & try again. Obviously, not having good speakers is holding your mix back

-If you tamed a lot of that reverb, you'd have a lot better mix.

-Nice fat bass
-Vocals are tamed but could use a little more power
-Solos good
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Super late on this... but when my freakin PCI card comes in tomorrow, I might actually give this a shot. Been holding off, since mixing via headphones plugged into my computer's soundcard is no bueno
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Hayy lock wolf did you here the flangey solo?
Roar, yup.

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Quote by lockwolf
-Vocals are solid though could use maybe a little boost in the chorus
-The Bass rides nicely
-Drums are good but could use a little more excitement
-Guitars are good, the solos are great

For the vocals, yea, I should have done some automation, but I got sick of them lol

For the drums, I agree, they are kinda dull, maybe I could have smashed them more or something.

For the solos all I did was pan them a little off center and upped the reverb send. I could have turned them down a little because after the solo it seems to loose so much energy.
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