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Hey guys,

My name is Kyle Ostrander, I go to school at UMASS Amherst and am an active UG user. My fraternity brothers and I are participating in the St.Baldricks fundraising event in Amherst,MA this year to help raise money for cancer research.

If you could take the time to donate it would be greatly appreciated! Any donation, even just $1, would really help. It's for a great cause and a quick and easy way to give something to charity this year.

To donate please follow the link below:
St.Baldricks Alpha Delta Phi

Thank you everyone for all of your help!

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...and am an active UG user.

No you're not.
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That gif.
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No you're not.

I don't post on the forums a lot, but I do come here almost everyday for tabs. I would say that makes me an active user of UG, seeing as i'm using the website.