Hey guys, I want to buy a strap for my electric guitar but I don't know* what I should look for. I used a friend's strap once and it was impossible to play with... I had to hold the neck while playing so that it doesn't come up, no stability at all. The strap was rubber band, maybe that's why, but I'm not sure of wether I should buy some thing like leather or just get used to playing that way.

Can you help me please ?
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I'm pretty sure it was the balance of the guitar that was bad not the strap. There are shapes that are known to have balance issues. SG's and Vipers for one.

Pretty much any strap will do the job. I prefer wider straps, they are more comfortable to me.
The guitar looked a lot like an SG : http://brochures.yokochou.com/guitar-and-amp/greco/1980-1/thumb/p4.jpg

It's the one on the right, this is my friend's guitar, I never actually used the strap on mine though.
What should I do if my guitar has that balance problem ? Here's a pic : http://www.guitariste.com/share/achat/marchands/woodbrass/g-l-tribute-asat-special-deluxe-3-tons-soldes-100174.jpg

Sorry to bother
I think you should be good, I doubt it will have the same issue. If it does, you can relocate the strap button to make it balance better. My guess is that it will be fine though.
Alright thanks, one more thing though : Which strap button should I relocate if it does cause a problem ? The one near the strings or the other ?
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i have an '86 ASAT special, it actually balances pretty well. it pulls a bit toward the headstock but not nearly as bad as my DCLP

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yer funny. no bother at all man.
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But those SG players, did they all have to relocate their strap locks or did they somehow get used to the lack of balance ?
It only bothers some people, I have a LTD Viper and have zero issues with balance and the bottons are in the stock locations.
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If you have a guitar that is even slightly off balance the last thing you want is a nylon strap. So avoid them at all costs. All that those will do is slip on your shoulder and intensify the diving problem. I would get a nice wide leather strap that has the rough grain on the back. That will help a-lot with the diving issue and make it to where you might not even have to relocate the strap button. So just avoid any strap that has a slippery back on it and then go from there.

Yeah, you should have seen me playing. Not only was the strap slipping but the rubber band fabric made it bounce at the same time, some joke guitarist I looked like.

I think I'll go with the leather, it's a sure value as you said, plus its sexy.
Strap locks for when nose dives so doesn't come undone and break off the neck. Leather if you play in cool place and don't sweat too much. they can get funky and not really something you can wash easily. If you have some ton of bricks Les Paul, Planet waves makes a wide bass strap that is cheap and works, but then have issue of it taking up too much shoulder room. How big are you? I use nylon, some with fabric wrap over here is sweaty Thailand. Haven't had any particular issues with them.
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But those SG players, did they all have to relocate their strap locks or did they somehow get used to the lack of balance ?

i own two Gibson SG's and one Gibson V not a single one of them has a dive problem. i have played a viper and a rhodes style V and both had neck dive. it may not sound like a big deal, but goddamn it sucks. but

i also agree with Emster 23:

i am going to agree that you should really get straplocks.

IMO schallers are the best out there ($15?).

broken headsock a lot more money.
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