Hi all.

This may sound really stupid but I wanted to see if anyone on here could explain why this sounds this way.

I'm learning Little Hospitals by Biffy Clyro (from their brilliant new album). I've tuned both my guitar and bass to CGCF(AD). Intonation is pretty good, not perfect, but good enough for bedroom jamming on both guitar and bass. When I'm playing along with my guitar (following this tab:


On guitar I'm playing one fret down, as the tab is in C#, and it sounds good. On bass (which is tuned the same as the guitar) if I play one fret down, to match what I play on guitar, then it doesn't sound right. But if I play it as it is on the tab (which in theory shouldn't sound right because the tab is in C# and my bass is in C) it sounds right?

Anyone have any idea why if the guitar/bass are tuned the same, why it only sounds right when played in different places on the neck?
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