So I've had my Fender "Classic Player Jaguar Special" for about 6 months now, and for the life of me, I STILL am not sure what all the switches do (I've been a drummer and a vocalist for most of my life, I'm kindof a moron when it comes to these things.) There is one switch and two dials on the top, three switches on the bottom-left, and two knobs on the bottom-right (at least I know which ones the volume knob haha). I've looked up what these switches/dials/knobs do, but the only explanations I can find are a bit like nonsense to me... Could someone please explain what these buttons do in the most basic terminology possible and describe how exactly they change the sound of the guitar?? That would be extemely helpful, thank you.

Best way I can explain it -
  • The Jaguar has two 'tone circuits.' There's a rhythm and a lead. Basically you can have 'presets' on each one and then toggle between those two circuits. So if you have the 'lead' volume knob high and the 'rhythm' volume and tone low, you can switch instantly between those two sounds with just the tone circuit switch.
  • The rhythm circuit has a volume and a tone control rollers, which are the ones on the top bout.
  • The lead circuit has a volume and tone knobs, which are the ones on the lower body.
  • Both circuits do the same thing. Volume is pretty obvious, tone takes treble out of the circuit.
  • The switch next to the volume/tone rollers switches between the two 'preset' circuits. Up is rhythm and down is lead.
  • The three switches on the lower bout turn the pickups on and off and introduce a 'tone changer' circuit. Those three switches aren't part of the two tone circuits so they work the same regardless of that setting.

That make sense?
That actually makes a lot of sense, thank you. Now I can actually kindof know what I'm doing when I'm experimenting with sounds and whatnot.