Well, I'm finally getting into that stage in life where I'm basically single (haven't put a ring on it yet) and am coming into money. I'd say that I'd be looking into a new guitar or amp, but I've decided to start small and let my funds accumulate. For the time being, I'm going to look into upgrading what's on my pedalboard or even getting buy a bigger one. I'm not seriously concerned about a budget here, but I'd rather not get into "new amp budget" territory.

I want to get a reverb, some change my delay up, and I'm looking into a Micro POG or the full sized POG2. For reverb I just want something for ambient stuff. The Mod setting on the RV-5 has always been attractive to my ears, but the Supernatural and Trinity reverbs sound awesome as well. It would also be cool to scale it back to something subtle for bluesy and country licks, or jazzy stuff.

For delay, my TC Electronic Nova Repeater is awesome. It's just limited. It would be nice to switch from a quarter note setting to a dotted 8th setting, plus having tap tempo. I'm happy with my Carbon Copy for the time being, so I'm purely looking at digital units for this. I'm sort of torn between the Nova Delay or the Eventide Timefactor. The Eventide only having 2 delay settings to switch between is honestly fine, but I'm considering the Nova Delay. It's a lot like my Repeater, but it has the presets that I can switch between and a sound that I'm familiar with and that I already enjoy.

As far deciding between the Micro POG or the POG2, I just want to know if the POG2 does enough to be worth the price difference? I already like what the Micro POG does.

That's what I'm mostly concerned about. I have some different overdrive and compressors that I'm looking into as well, but I'm pretty settled on the ones I want. Again, my budget isn't really so limited. I'm probably only going to buy these one pedal at a time, so I don't care. Used or new is fine, as long as I can find what I'm looking for.
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the timefactor has many more than just 2 presets. you just need to switch banks to acces them.
Another option to look into is the strymon timeline.

and the pog 2 does what the micro one does + much more control and options. again it has multiple presets where the micro pog has just one