I've got a mostly finished Squier Strat in pieces in my basement. I was originally going to turn it into a Guitbass (a la Presidents of the USA), but I've been listening to Local H, and their guitarist has a bass pickup in his guitar with a seperate output leading to a bass amp.

I have basic soldering abilities, and can replace a pickup on a strat, but does anyone know how I would set up a second output jack? would I be able to put it in the back where the tremolo springs are?
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you want something like this its like the same as your guitars jack but it has two signal the tip and the ring and a ground

you connect the bass pick up to one of the two outputs and the regular guitar to the other one
and then use a stereo cable into an ab box or soemthig similar into the bass rig and the gutiar rig(i think this is what your trying to do)
Got it. I figured I'd have to drill into the body, which made me nervous. That's much smarter and easier. Much thanks to both of you!
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The problem with a stereo jack is then you need a stereo instrument cable. And then on the other end you need a breakout box. This is much worse than a little drilling. You'll have to do more drilling and cutting for the pickup anyway.

You're better off just adding another jack like Scott did and using two instrument cables taped to each other. On his Strat, he has the jack coming out the bottom of the guitar like you'd find on an Ibanez RG or a Les Paul--it's lined up right under the normal jack so that he didn't need to make another cavity. His Jazzmaster just has two jacks right on the face of the guitar. His Telecaster has

You know he uses tuners to switch the bass signal chain and the guitar signal chain on and off (although he's really just using those as latching kill switches since he has a third tuner for actual tuning). Also he uses an octave pedal on the bass side since a bass pickup alone can't change the pitch.

Scott Lucas has a lot going on in his rig. In addition to the bass amp, he has two guitar amps and I'm pretty sure he uses them simultaneously, too, (like Dan from The Black Keys) to further thicken the tone. He tells part of the story here: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/video-local-hs-scott-lucas-on-his-unique-guitar-bass-setup-564205

I talked with him once after a show and I get the sense he holds back a little to keep some secrets; either that, or he's just using the setup his friend designed without knowing all the details himself. I was surprised that he didn't use a tech to set up or tear down the rig on stage; he and his drummer did it all themselves.

At any rate, I saw him live last year, and it sure works great.
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