I can't decide what to write this song about, and I'm pretty new to recording metal, so I am also looking for some recording tips. Already I think I want to bring down the snare drum, turn up the kick, and turn up the lead guitars.

Does this sound like a good idea/what should I do next?

Also, any tips on songwriting in general would be appreciated, and I would do a C4C.
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Those guitar tones and bass tones work so well together, seriously tight playing too. Mixwise, I think I'd be inclined to agree with you on most parts - that snare is substantially louder than the rest of the instrumentation, so dropping it down a tad would help a fair amount I think, especially in the blast beat sections. Dropping the snare off like that *should* help "highlight" the leads some more without having to boost them too much. As for the kick, it's sufferign from what I liek to call "cardboard box syndrome". Try cutting around 500hz slightly, should make it sound a little less box-y. It might benefit to boost the higher frequencies a bit too, to give it a bit more click to help it cut through the track slightly more. I'd be inclined to bring up the rhythm guitars slightly to give it a little extra crunch - have you tried using am multiband comp on them to tighten up the low end? Needless to say, I like this, quite a lot, you've managed to combined a chaotic sound with a very orderly sound at the same time, if that makes sense. It might be worth taking my mix advice with a pinch of salt though, because I'm by no means the best producer around.

When I listen to this, I can, for some reason, imagine a group of factory workers kidnapping their manager. I have absolutely NO idea why, haha!

Would ya care to listen to a track of mine? it's very much a work in progress, and as such it's not really been mixed at all. I hope I was helpful!

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Dude you should make it about something completely not metal, like flower people crapping out rainbows.

I like the drumming
I agree the snare is a bit loud, and the lead guitar could be a little louder. Song could use some vocals, but other than that it sounds pretty good. Playing is pretty tight, could be a little tighter. I like the drums & the guitar riffs. I'd fade in/out faster (or delete carefully if there is no delay or reverb on the guitar: I'm talking milliseconds after note ends or notes begin; or use noise gate) the guitar hum. Please review my music at this link:

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