Hi, I am looking for a good guitar teacher location doesn't matter as long as you can teach me via webcam or online, if you can post your playing here and prices ,thats great! here is a video of me playing along with Steve Vai backing track, what techniques should I develop more? What are the mistakes ? Any feedback is appreciated , Thanks so much.

youtube link: watch?v=N_YmhrkwE9I
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You can teach yourself without having to spend money; there are so many resources on the Internet these days it's almost ridiculous.

But that aside, I'd say you should work on your vibrato and your accuracy the most. Vibrato is a big part of a player's character and just makes your playing sound more interesting in general. I noticed that although you play well, your accuracy isn't always stable and can sense some tension going on. It's nothing to worry about, it just takes practice and knowing how to practice can really help. What I tell all my students to do, regardless of instrument, is to do everything slowly, including vibrato. Slow down your bends, your runs, your everything while you play. It will greatly refine your playing and make things sound more relaxed when you bring it back to speed.

Don't ever be discouraged by other people that can play a billion notes per minute; take your strengths and use them to your benefit - it doesn't always have to be speed. Playing fast is just a tool that we use to express ourselves in music; it doesn't make us better musicians.

If you're a Steve Vai fan, watch him play Whispering a Prayer live - he really just puts himself into the song.
Thank you a lot Shornifier for such an informative answer, I will do my best to practice more and develop vibrato technique. The composition you've mentioned is as good as this famous For The Love Of God tune. Waiting for more feedback..
I think you misunderstand what this site is. We're not all just a bunch of teachers looking for work. We just like to play guitar and offer a little advice to beginners every once in a while. And of the people on here who actually do teach, we're not going to 'bid' so to speak, for a new student.

Now, onto your video. For the most part, it wasn't bad. As Shornifier said, you need to work on your vibrato and accuracy the most. Specifically, don't use the tremolo bar for vibrato so much. Your left hand vibrato is better.
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Another important thing for me is to be able to play clean, check out this track if you have time
soundcloud link: exj//fusion-jam
It is me on clean guitar solo, thanks so much.