I've seen both the SA160FM and SA260FM and they seem like good value for their price. Unfortunately I couldn't hear them both in the same store, so I can't compare them. The review of musicradar.com gives the SA160FM 5 stars and the SA260FM 3,5 stars. Side note is that the SA160FM is reviewed in 2012 whereas the SA260FM is reviewed in 2008.

What are the key differences between them? I know they have differend elements. I saw a review of the SA260FM and it showed up to be very Mmcrophonical. Which one has your preferene, also considering the price?

The SA160FM starts at €268 against €379 for the SA260FM.

SA160FM review: [forbidden link]

SA260FM review: [forbidden link]
All I can come up with is the Duo bucker system wich differs from the 160.
The sa260 fm has a volume knob wich you can pull up making the humbucker go single coil. So a bit more variaty in sound.

The major difference between the both is the price I think.

By the way...I just bought myself a SA160FM. played it now for 3 days and realy like the sounds I'm getting from it.

Greetz, Mike
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