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I don't really understand why people go apeshit over them. Personally I haven't heard a song I like from them. Can someone enlighten me? I've heard local bands that sound better. Have I not sniffed the same magical fairy dust as you guys? They suck.
I like them. They have a tight sound I like. I wish there were more local bands like them. They're kind of like FooFighters for me. Not my favourites, but I like them.
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They're pretty boring.

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Yeah they're loved by the majority here on UG. I can openly admit that i've never heard anything I like from them.

Although, their upcoming project sounds kinda interesting and don't mind listening.
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And what about "No one Knows"? That song is very catchy to me.
They are my favourite band, but i can respect your opinion if you just flat out don't like them. Their live shows are great though, the songs are about as tight as they are on the record, and they also add crazy jams to the middle of some songs. Maybe try listening to Songs For The Deaf before writing them off completely, that is one of their strongest albums.

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1° Good drummers (Dave Grohl, Joey Castillo)+
2° Strong rhythmics ("A Song for the Dead" "Go with The flow")+
3° Mark Lanegan sometimes ("This Lulluby") +
4° Powerful singer (Josh...) +
5° Good Guests (Shirley Manson or Billy Gibbons) +
6° Well produced Albums (Songs for the Deaf) (Lullabies to Paralyze) +
7° Good Live Performances (Lullabies to Paralyze Tour - sorry I came late)=

Not hateable band. No?
Loved all their albums without being a fan of Kyuss
Songs for the death is an amazing album and go with the flow is a highlight for me. Josh Homme is an incredible front man. Some of there stuff is very out there in places though, the words to monster in a Parasol are mad and was never a huge fan of the song but after seeing them perform it live it's become a highlight of my music collection.