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Greetings, all.

As the title would suggest, I'm a guitarist from Texas looking to join a band. I'm 17, and a junior in high school.

I can play a multitude of different genres, but I generally lean towards the heavier side of the spectrum, and I'm very interested in being innovative and creative.

Anyways, if you're a solo musician looking for someone to start a band with, or there's a band needing a guitarist, please comment!

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Quote by FistOfMichallin
That feel when Dallas.

Also, first post. woosh.

Welcome to the forums

Yeah, you'd think that there'd be more action in a big city like this, but I've had little luck.
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Just thank what lord you worship that you aren't in San Antonio. Everyone here is trying to bring back glam and shove nu-metal down our throats.

This place is sad, mayun.
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I'm have in some luck in a small nown in NM. Lots of bands here but most are playing the same stuff. My people and I work pretty hard to be different.