I got this guitar body off of ebay, and i plan to frankenstein this bad boy for the hell of it, and i have the extra parts lying around lol.
the guy said it was a '87-'89 kramer vanguard( when esp made the bodies for kramer?), but i cant find this exact model online, it looks a little different than the other vanguards ive seen. im just wondering if anyone knows.

I suspect that just a couple of body shots with absolutely nothing to identify them is nowhere near enough information...
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I realize its not much info to go off of, but its all I got lol.
It does have f1641 written where the neck would be screw on, if that means anything.
Other than that is supposedly a Kramer, if anyone can verify that, that's all I'm asking
It's a vanguard body, not an RR. You can tell because there's a little lip in the neck pocket where the truss rod would go. The paint probably isn't stock. I'm guessing the previous owner did that.
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The previous owner did that god awful paint job lol. Looks like the color is blue underneath. But thanks for confirming that it's a kramer tho