So I'll start with the background.. I am in a... I guess you could call it a progressive metalcore band located in North Wales (UK) and after a year of being ready for it... we finally came to the part of recording our first EP. And I need a bit of help in choosing the right way of distributing the EP... So the EP will be half an hour long and it will be good quality. I'm using my Xenyx 1204 Mixer Interface to record guitars and vocals onto Cubase. We will use a homemade pop shield though. However after a long debate on recording drums, we decided to use Superior Drummer as it is the best quality and easiest option. I have experience with mixing/mastering because I produce my own music anyway. Mostly Dubstep and such, but I watched hours of tutorials on how to put my knowledge to Metal production. We are halfway through recording the EP and this is what we thought we would do:

We're planning on releasing it as a physical CD, including a booklet with artwork and lyrics to all songs. Therefore we decided to put a price up for the EP. We were thinking of selling it for about £2. However, at the first shows 200 copies would go out for free, and later at our chosen gigs in more important places, especially on our North vs South Tour around Wales. At all the other gigs we would sell the EP cheaper (£1?). We are an up and coming band with 400 likes on facebook right now. Sorry for so much writing. Can somebody tell me what they think about this idea? Or how did you do it with your band perhaps?

BTW Just to put it here like... my band: facebook.com/LeaningOnGravity
If it's good quality, it's worth putting money into promotion and distribution. You need to spend a little money to get the most out of your music. Find an established indie label who'll release and electronically/physically distribute it for a cut of any money it makes. Then spend some money on a PR campaign- hire somebody to send it to magazines/websites, promote facebook statuses, book a venue and hire some big selling bands to try and sell out the place for an EP launch event.
But all of this is a little pointless if you don't have a quality product, I know I personally can't get the best from my music at home with cubase (you sound like you can do much better). If you feel it could be better, make sure you sell it as a demo at gigs, and save up to record in a real studio.

Edit- missed the important point that you should earmark a hundred or so for giving away. Anybody who even looks like they run a music blog, give them one and get them to message you on facebook if they review it. Good review- nick highlights and quote them on your website. Give them to other bands too. My band has amassed tons of peoples demos, it helps you remember people if you need to book a support act or such. The more people who have your music and might have something to offer the better.
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Yeah I mean the purpose is a demo that people who like us will buy and want to listen to :P I'm not a master at mixing or anything like that but I can get a radio standard I guess? Good enough for people to think "I wanna listen to Leaning On Gravity now" :P It's mainly something that is there and we can be proud of and show off with. The idea of getting promoters and an indie label is really good! But we are very like.. do it yourself band :P I mean we're making the EP ourselves, getting our friends artists to make artwork.. and all that stuff :P So we will use all the contacts and friends to get our EP out there.. however in areas we don't have access to we could hire promoters or such... Especially South Wales considering we're from the north :P And we will definitely have some gig as a launch event.. but not sure what's it exactly going to be though.. And yeah giving it away to important people and bands is a definite! Thanks for the answer was really useful.. I'll show this to the band tonight
Also we're gonna release a single that we will put on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud etc. for people to hear the quality of the recording and overall what we are like:P
Try and get a decent video to go with your EP (footage of your band recording, interview, or a video to go with a song).
Yeah we're planning on getting a music video EVENTUALLY... but for the time being we'd get a lyric video and probably some footage of recording or something maybe? I'm trying to find people that would review the EP when it's out as well