My grandfather gave me this SG about 10 years ago. I'm not sure how long he had it but it was quite some time. There is no identifiable mark on whatsoever, no serial number, brand name, nothing.. I'm fairly certain this is just some random copy but on the off chance that its not I figured I would see what you guys think!

It looks like a cheaper, old copy of an SG. I don't know the brand but it could be anything from Silvertones to Ampegs to Sears guitars.
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You might try opening it up and looking at the cavity/electrical components. If you can pull any names/numbers off the pickups, you might be able to Google those identifiers. Otherwise it's hard to definitively say what kind of copy it is (though the people here do sometimes work miracles in identifying unmarked gear).
Hmm, I assume it's a bolt-on neck? You could remove the neck and check the pocket to see if there's a marking there.
It could be a Kay.
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