I've been making tabs for a different styles of song for a long time, that's why I'd like to offer you some help for each other

How does it work? Simply.

You send me a letter with a song and a price you are able to offer me. If I agree with your price, I send you back the tab with the main riff, which lasts for ~10-20 sec. Then you compare it with the original song or play it yourself and give me a feedback about your decision - do you want me to end this song or you don't.

After that I send you the reply about tab condition, if you don't believe me, I send you mp3 with short pieces of the tab in order to show you, that the tab is completed.

When you make sure, you send me money, and when I get it, I'll send the tab to you. It doesn't make sense to lie to you.

In conclusion I'd like to say, that only Administration is able to judge me here. I don't show you the tabs I made before in order to avoid whining smth like "I do it better, you s*ck!". Do it, who doesn't allow you?

If you are interested, send the letter to this address: tabsordering()yahoo.com ("()" means "@")
or just write me here.

Thank you!
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We share all our tabs for free. So if you wanna make money by tabbing songs, you should start your own website.
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