Just a wee note first that i've had a fairly dark 6 months so none of my recent stuff is exactly positive and cheery and may be more of a rant but please give your honest opinions anyway.

The Blessed

A world decreasing in purity,
No longer joining hands in unity,
Hope escapes. As does fate.
We live in a world that everyone hates.

Never has corruption been so easy,
We're all going to die yes,
There's just no pleasing in reality.

Living at the top, we're outpaced,
They have came, we forever replaced.

They are not who you think they are,
the Humble, the Blessed, the Divine ones.

Actions scourge out world deep within,
they are not righteous like they seem.
Cursed blood flows through their veins,
Invading one peaceful, no longer sane.

They or not who or what they may seem.

Infiltrated from all sides,
Nobody lives, Humanity hides.
The Blessed fall, the Sacred rise,
No smiles at all, God even sighs.
Sinners forever in control,
Wanting our world, they got it all.

Incurable from this disease.
Humanity beckons on its knees,
Damnation of all will soon begin,
Nobody loses, nobody wins.

Nobody wins,

Nobody wins,

Nobody ever wins,

And Nobody ever wins again.
Sarcasm is beautiful, think about it.
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