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Hi. My tuning goes sharp (up to ~10 cents) when I pull up on my trem, and it goes back down if i dive it. But it doesn't go down if I dive first. Also high E and B strings perfectly in tune. Lock-in nuts are screwed strongly.
Second thing, when i loosen 1 string with microtuners the rest of the strings goes sharp. And vice-versa. But as I said, lock-in nuts are screwed. Any suggestions?
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You need to set it up properly, the tensions on the strings and springs aren't balanced. See the FR set up guide stickied at the top of the forum.
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I'd say block the trem and forget about it (like I did), but you seem determined. There are good Youtube videos as well.
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Oh actually it was sinking a bit. I blocked the trem with cards and tried to tune to standard tuning at various spring tensions but I broke a string again xD
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