Hey all this is my band Ghosts of Ruin, this a demo we've made, would be grateful for anyone to give it a listen and some feedback! We are a 5 piece band based out of Omaha Ne and we have a full length album coming out this year (Better quality than these recordings)
nice tune, nice vox, rhythm section is tight although i can't remember the drums after the fact. ... if you're going to have two separate guitar tracks panned left and right to fill out the mix, you have to make sure they're pretty dead on exact. that's why maybe one guitarist should be playing something else (like at 4:55) instead of having both guitarists playing the same part. solid tune!
Hey thanks man! This is a home recording and we're going into a friends home studio to try and perfect and get an overall better sound, hoping to get the drums ALOT heavier, I love when the kick drum is basically punching you in the face. Also the guitar I used to record this had passive pickups and my other guitarist had active, so we're hoping it will have more oomph (my new guitar has active)Thanks for the feedback!!