i had so many good lyrics all over the place. i dont really keep them anywhere special i just put them in a drawer just randomly cuz i come back and work on them later.

and then they were thrown out. all of my inspiration gone.

ik this is cheesy, but now i cant get anything near as good as it once was. its kinda sad lol.
That does suck. I would be so pissed. Maybe you can write better now though that you had all that practice. Being able to remember exactly what you wrote is going to just be frustrating and impossible. Try writing something new.

i gave up trying to rememebr if i cant rmeemebr it i assume its just not good enough to be remembred and try again

alot of work is lost like that but i like to think better music takes its place gotta move on yo
Don't be so sure. Being this bummed out might yield you your best stuff yet. It's easy to romanticize the past. I'm sure your biggest hit is your next one.