Could you recommend me some cheap but decent 7 strings?

I live in Northern Virginia, and there isn't much of a selection in my local market.
My budget is roughly around $200.
I would prefer to get something nicer used than buying new.
I want it to have passive pickups so I can fairly easily replace them with other passives.
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Check out some of the stuff Agile puts out.

I think their budget line is Douglas. rondomusic.com is where you'll wanna look
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i had a washburn wg587 like pretty much 8 years ago, i sold it. it was a pretty solid guitar overall, just that i like six stringers much more. i think i paid $150 new and sold it a year or two ago for $200 on CL.

they are nice when it comes down to the low budget. i wouldn't pay more than $150 for one. it was a dark metallic grey.
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Save up a bit more a snag a used Ibanez RG7321. I paid somewhere around $250-$300 for mine.
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i agree with everyone else you should hold out for a bit longer and get atleast 100 more dollars. Do have any pawn shops in your area? because if you do i highly recommend going there and looking what they've got, i picked up my jackson dx7 with the emgs in it already for 200 bucks from a pawn shop in my area, if your lucky you'll find a steal like i did.
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Agreed with Mr A.J. Used Ibanez RG7321's should be available at that price point. You should most certainly be able to snag a used Ibanez RG7421/RG7621/RG7420/RG7620 at that price if you're lucky too. They're great workhorse guitars (MIJ, basically a old school Ibanez Prestige).

Also feel free to come over to the 7 String Legion/ERG thread!
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So I have about $300 to spend now and won't really be able to get much more for a while.

My friend is trying to sell his RG7321 for roughly this price. Is this something you think I should go for?
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7321 is your best bet used...they usually run like $250 used. $300 if its excellent condition. stock pickups arent too bad imo but i threw a cl/lf set in there and it roars
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